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Thursday, 28 February 2013 14:42

SMILE - Stanford Mobile Inquiry-based Learning Environment

SMILE is a project from Stanford University, which tries to transform a traditional learning environment into one which is greatly supported by mobile devices. The project itself has launched in November 2011, nevertheless it is in constant development. Students are encouraged to use mobile devices as a support tool, they create and answer questions, and by such approach they are involved in the learning process.

Paul Kim, the creator of a SMILE project, recently gave a few remarks on what could be possibly done in order to help m-learning technologies go global. Highlights of his lessons learned are presented below:

  • the use of existing resources is crucial, as the ability to provide mobile learning content basing on what is at our disposal at the moment is sometimes a go/no-go factor,
  • tailoring the content to the environment is very important, because people won't learn something which does not apply to their lives at all,
  • making a good presentation of your offer in terms of publicity is of highest value, doing so will bring people to your mobile learning environment.

A short description of the SMILE project is presented below:

You can also visit a SMILE project website at

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