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Tuesday, 05 March 2013 08:55

Apple iWatch could arrive by the end of 2013

According to Bloomberg, Apple might be releasing rumoured iWatch device by the end of 2013. News source is close to Corning - Gorilla Glass manufacturer,

Apple as always will not say anything about upcoming products, but various sources claim there is a team of over 100 engineers working on some sort of wereable computer. Device name is obviously unofficial, but rumour say it will be able to make calls, check caller ID and possibly include some sort of biometric sensors, similar to those now available with partnership with Nike. Map display - or at least relay is also possible. Well, pretty much everything is possible, but since Google is planning to release its Google Glass close to the end of 2013, there is at least this to push Apple towards releasing its own 'something'.

Full article is available here.

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