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Friday, 05 July 2013 08:03

Q2 ’13 Reports prove Android’s growing strength

As the analysts start to publish their reports on the second quarter of 2013, the image of Android’s increasing foothold in the market becomes more noticeable manly due to slowdown in Apple’s camp. Tablets are the forefront of the battle between the OSs and forecasts show that it is not going to stop.
34% of personal computing devices shipped in Q2 2013 are tablets. It’s a 43% increase over the last 12 months. The division of the spoils, however, is a sour grape for Apple as its competitors are quickly gaining on the leader. That’s mainly thanks to smaller, less than 9”, tablets which are cheaper and therefore available to a wider audience.


According to Canalys, Android holds 53% market share of the whole tablet sector, but in comparison with Apple, it still lacks the amount of tablet-optimized apps available in its competitors store. The turnover in Apple Store still makes it the most profitable vendor and it seems it will stay that way for quite a while.
Report by Strategy Analiytics takes an OS based look. The report shows that, regardless of the mobile device type,  Google dominates the market with Android jumping another 10% since last year and reaching almost 80%.  The increase came at the expense of Apple and smaller rivals like Blackberry and Nokia. Microsoft noticed only a slight increase by 0.3% as compared to the last year.


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