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Friday, 09 August 2013 13:51

Convertible notebook

The success of netbooks was widely predicted several years ago. But they were soon supplanted by tablets. Most manufacturers of netbooks resigned from their production and went on to produce tablets that are more convenient to use. Meanwhile, a new devices appeared on the market - convertible netbook or laptop. Previously, you could find this type of construction, but they were marginal products that could not exploit well the potential of the touch screen.

An example of such a device can be ultrabook, which is thin and sleek notebook that has a reversible, sometimes removable, screen. With the touch display, at one moment can turn into a tablet. The only difference is slightly larger in size and weight, as well as the possibility of a quick return to full-fledged notebook.

Convertible notebook, though it is slightly larger than typical tablet, combines the advantages of mobile devices and notebooks. When you need the equipment to work, the laptop remains a traditional notebook. When something must be present and use a touch screen, a few moves, the laptop turns into a tablet. Despite the fact that a netbook or laptop is less convenient to use than the classical tablet, it offers a lot more options to the user.

You can often encounter a situation where both terms are used interchangeably. This is not entirely true, although in both laptop can be turned into a tablet. However, in the case of convertible laptops screen is permanently attached to the workstation, and hybrid laptop has a detachable display.

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